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Training Philosophy

4 steps to better your life

As a certified personal trainer with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Phil Gephart has created the Newport Fit4Life 4 Step Program to help Men and Women achieve their individual Fitness Goals faster and more efficiently.

Personal Fitness

Based on BioSignature Modulation and in depth assessment, we provide Nutritional, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations, and create your individual training program.

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My 21 Day Sugar Detox - Week #3 - All Finished!

What I feel this detox has helped to reinforce in my mind is that if you want to create change you have to change the status quo for a time. Eating a piece of fish with some veggies at lunch can be a great choice - but then you eat pasta for dinner with a cocktail before, wine during and dessert after. If you do that a couple times a week and pair it with getting inadequate sleep - which most people fall into that category - how are you expecting to create a serious change in your life? It takes a concentrated effort for a short period of time to see the long-term benefits and to get the results you need. Get to bed early and get a full 7-9 hours. Meditate to help eliminate stress and create a space for rest. Eliminate sugar for a time. Eat breakfast. Workout anaerobically several times per week. I guarantee you will make headway into the realm of having a healthy, lean body. But it must be a focused and concentrated effort for a specific period of time. Maybe it's 3 weeks. Maybe it's 3 months. That's your decision. Best of luck and here's to your health!

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My 21 Day Sugar Detox - Week #2

Well the 2nd week of the 21 day sugar detox is over and it wasn’t without some struggle. So ... let's talk poop. In dealing with clients over the years I’ve learned that you can learn a lot from someone’s bowel movements. How regular are they? Is their stool the same consistency? The list of questions goes on and on. I’ve had my own issues concerning gut health and this week was definitely an education for myself. For about five days during week 2 I felt like I was living in the bathroom. Doing some research with the help of Clare, we found I apparently was dealing with candida die-off.

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meet phil gephart

"As a professional basketball player, my body was my job…my life. From experience and education, I know what it takes to help you develop the strong, athletic body you want."