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Training Philosophy

4 steps to better your life

As a certified personal trainer with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Phil Gephart has created the Newport Fit4Life 4 Step Program to help Men and Women achieve their individual Fitness Goals faster and more efficiently.

Personal Fitness

Based on BioSignature Modulation and in depth assessment, we provide Nutritional, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations, and create your individual training program.

trainers blog

Eat Like You Mean It!

I love Carl's Jr.'s restaurant slogan, "eat like you mean it". I'm listening to the radio in the car right now and just heard that slogan at the end of one of their commercials. Carl's Jr. is a fast food chain - your typical burger joint - here in Southern California and elsewhere. The slogan catches me off guard because I'm looking at it through a much different lens than most people do. The slogan is partly intended to make people run to Carl's Jr. to eat the food that was just advertised on the commercial.

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To Deadlift Or Not To Deadlift?!

The deadlift is without question my favorite exercise. There are so many variations that you can almost always have an example in your training program. The Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin has even said that a program built around the deadlift is superior to a program built around the squat. One of the best things about the deadlift exercise is it trains literally every muscle on the backside of the body - the "posterior chain".

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trainers corner

meet phil gephart

"As a professional basketball player, my body was my job…my life. From experience and education, I know what it takes to help you develop the strong, athletic body you want."