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Training Philosophy

4 steps to better your life

As a certified personal trainer with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Phil Gephart has created the Newport Fit4Life 4 Step Program to help Men and Women achieve their individual Fitness Goals faster and more efficiently.

Personal Fitness

Based on BioSignature Modulation and in depth assessment, we provide Nutritional, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations, and create your individual training program.

trainers blog

Training The Professional Athlete

It's amazing what progress you can see with the right type of training. When training a professional athlete you need to lay a wide base of foundational movement - usually in a short amount of time - as well as get very specific to the athletes' sports' specific needs.

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Metabolic Conditioning - Fit in 15 - Press & Swing for Muscle & Fitness

I love fast-moving, high-intensity work at the end of a strength session. I call them “finishing moves” but they’re more commonly known as metabolic conditioning or metabolic training. This recent workout that I wrote for Muscle & Fitness magazine ...

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trainers corner

meet phil gephart

"As a professional basketball player, my body was my job…my life. From experience and education, I know what it takes to help you develop the strong, athletic body you want."