Our Philosophy for Success

Newport Fit 4 Life helps men and women athletes to achieve their fitness goals and ideal bodies using information that is a compilation of the best personal training methods and techniques available.

Our program focuses on these four aspects of fitness:


The first step is to asses the level of your body, your balance, your bone structure, alignment and the range of motion you can do. This assessment provides an initial understanding of what changes you must make to achieve your goals.


Once you have your assessment, you can create your customized nutrition and workout plants. This information lets you know what you must eat and when to eat it, and if there are any lifestyle adjustments you must make to adapt to this new routine.


The training program is suited to you and depends on how well and how fast you can do the program. You can do it yourself or hire a personal trainer to assist you. The workout program will make you become a stronger, faster, and well balanced person who is prepared for exercise.


The maintenance phase consists of low intensity exercise to maintain your health. This maintenance is important so that you don’t lose your progress. The purpose is for you to see an upward trend in overall health and performance.