Is It Okay To Eat Carbs During Workout?

Have you tried eating while working out? Sounds crazy right? When people try to get fit and they tend to focus on exercising more and lifting more weight. Some even dismiss the idea of eating calories or carbs because they think that it will only make their fitness efforts go to waste. But did you know that it is okay to eat carbs while working out? Protein and carbohydrates are actually needed to maintain the muscle mass that you want to have that great body.

When Should You NOT Eat Carbs?

Don’t get too excited and pack all of your food for your workout sessions yet because there is a guideline for eating while in the gym. If you eat irresponsibly while working out, chances are, you will only gain more weight. Which is why knowing when is the right time to eat your carbs during your workouts is very important.

You might see a lot of gym goers taking bars or drinks while working out. You can also do the same but it’s very important to remember that if you already ate and have a full stomach when you get to the gym, then don’t eat your bar or drink your shake anymore. It is better to wait until the end of your workout session before eating your snacks.

Experts will recommend you to consume 40-80g of carbohydrates and 20-40g of protein 30 minutes before your workout or while doing the first part of your training. The ratio of carb to the protein that is recommended for you would be 2:1. If you are aiming to lose weight, then lower the ranges.

What Is The Best Combination?

If you want to achieve that Instagram worthy muscle that everyone would love, then the perfect combo for you is protein and carbohydrates. This combo is not just recommended by experts because they want you to buy bars or shakes containing these nutrients because it is actually scientifically proven.

When you do cardio or weightlifting, you use your body’s amino acids and it has to be replaced as fast as possible. Protein comes in handy because it is rich in amino acids and will help you get the nutrients that you lost while working out.

Meanwhile, having high levels of cortisol in your body is not great but it naturally comes with exercising. The fact is that you are breaking down your muscles when you exercise because of high levels of cortisol. So how can you avoid it? By taking carbohydrates into your system! Carbs will help lower your cortisol levels. These reasons are why protein and carbs are the best partners for building a toned body that everyone wants!

Having a fit, healthy, and toned body may not be easy for everyone but by knowing how protein and carbs will work together to give you your dream body will motivate you to take the first step towards your goal. According to a review of the Cruise Control Diet, it is not just all about weightlifting and cardio but also about taking the right food and nutrients that your body needs. Start your workout right by incorporating proteins and carbs to your diet properly.