4 Fish Oil Benefits For Bodybuilding

Fish oil contains some of the most potent antioxidants and essential nutrients needed for proper cell and tissue development. Some of the vital nutrients found in fish oil include omega 3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA), alpha-linoleic acid, and omega 6 fatty acids. If you are a body builder, you then should consider taking fish oil at least once every day for optimal lean muscle development. Some of the advantages and benefits of taking fish oil as a body builder are outlined below.

1. Promotes Lean Muscle Gain

According to research, omega 3 fatty acids found in organic fish and fish oil products promote increased muscle gain [1]. Researchers and nutritionists like Steve Holman in the Old School New Body review believe this may be due to nutrient partitioning, where the omega acids inhibit the conversion of calories into fats by encouraging muscle tissue growth and development. One however needs a sufficient supply of these omega acids to see the benefits. Nonetheless, taking the recommended dosage of fish oil provides your body with this crucial nutrient.

2. Encourages Fat Loss

One of the principle ideas behind bodybuilding is to burn all the excess fats, particularly around the belly areas. Omega 3 fatty acids facilitate just that by encouraging increased respiration of fats stored in adipose tissues. Combined with regular body exercise, omega 3 fatty acids can help promote lean muscle development with ease, and without any inflammations at all.

3. Promotes Joint Health and Performance

An unresponsive or injured joint is one of the biggest obstacles that a bodybuilder can face. Most of the people that experience joint stiffness will find fish oil extremely helpful. Some of the main properties of fish oil, omega 6 fatty acids, improves blood flow into joints thus easing pressure in the same. In addition to this, fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are known to fight joint and muscle inflammations. With most bodybuilders complaining of muscle soreness after strenuous exercises, taking a teaspoonful of fish oil every morning can help contain these issues for good.

4. Better Bone Health

There’s more to body building than just muscles. Your bones need to be physically fit to handle the strenuous exercises and weights that one has to work on. Bone health is therefore vital for one to be successful as a bodybuilder. Taking fish oil is one way to ensure your bones are in perfect shape, and capable of taking on all the pressures that come with the same. These oils work by encouraging calcium absorption and balance, as well as hormone balance in the body. This is particularly vital for individuals over the age of 30.

These are just but a few of the many health benefits that fish oil has on a bodybuilder’s health and body. Research also shows that fish oil helps improve one’s mood and overall health. It also promotes better overall health, and particularly your heart health. While experts will advise you to pop fish oil supplements every morning, you can still enjoy the benefits by enjoying salmon, tuna, or other oily fish. Eating fresh wild fish also provides your body with other vital nutrients needed for proper lean muscle development.

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